Hey there, my name’s Jennifer. I’m 23 and live in Essex, Greater London with my husband, Aaron and my little bump who is due to enter the world July 13th 2015.

I’m a wifey, mama-to be, home loving, creative, health-freak (well, I used to be!), Jesus-loving lady, pinterest addict & a sucker for all kinds of organization. This blog is a combination of all that.

I find like most other women, and guys too, that I wear lots of different hats & play a number of roles in life. That’s where ‘Forever Spinning Plates’ comes from. The idea that I’m constantly running between my different plates or ‘areas of life’ ensuring none of them fall. I’m certain I couldn’t do this at all without the grace of Jesus, whom I dedicate my entire life to.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and get in touch now and again. It’s always nice to know when someone is encouraged or challenged by something little-ol’ I have written.

Enjoy & keep those plates spinning 😉

Jen x



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