When life is boring…

If I’m honest, I hadn’t planned to blog at all. Ever. I had been racking my brain to think of a juicy topic or an update or a super revelation but I had nothing. But I really really want to write so here’s a ramble.✌🏽️

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I love the highs of life a little way too much & I even find the tough parts a bit exciting. The last few months were spent waiting for my husband to finish uni, a slow, boring period… And then going on an incredible family holiday! & if I’m honest, once I got back, I felt a little empty. It was probably a combo of holiday blues & extreme jetlag, but it was like “oh. What now?”

You see, I’m the type of person who struggles to sit still, who complains about being exhausted but doesn’t nap, who dreams of a spa day but gets fidgety after a few mins in a jacuzzi. So when nothing is happening!!!!!!!!????? I tend to feel a little lost. Which leads me to this post, a post about nothing in particular because nothing in particular is happening. I really believe God is trying to slow me down, and I’ll admit I am resisting the slowing down as much as possible, but I keep feeling a little tug at my heart to be still, to sit, meditate or pray.

It goes against everything in my nature, to sit still before a God I don’t always hear from is really hard for me but I know I won’t always have this time, so for now, I’m trying to enjoy the boring, the mundane, another night in, the repetitive routine of a 1 year old. & hopefully I’ll be grateful I chilled out when it all gets crazy again.



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