Third Trimester Living. Weeks 27-35.

So I’ve got to say, I am LOVING this trimester. It’s like I finally feel myself again. The first few weeks of it were pretty rough, a huge belly, heartburn & struggling to breathe but at 34 weeks my beautiful bump decided to drop nicely for Mummy and I am now cruiiiiising to the due date. 

Still having problems sleeping, due to my whale like stature, (so annoying when people say I’ve hardly gained weight. My family are in agreement. I roll off sofas to get up. It’s okay.) and my head is FULL of hormones & nerves & questions especially about my future. In some ways I still feel very young at 24 and it feels like there is so much more for me to accomplish & just do in life, that the thought of being a full time forever mummy can be daunting, but at the same time I’m beyond excited to see my beautiful little GIRL (Yes. Gender is finally out in the open) & I have so much peace and joy about the next stage in mine and my hubby’s lives as PARENTS! Eek! 

In other pregnancy news, my hospital bag is ready and packed. We pretty have everything to keep Princess comfy for the first few months of her life & even as I write this now I can feel her lowering in my pelvis. I’ve watched many a “what’s in my hospital bag” vlog; and as I’m not at that stage in my blogging life I thought I’d share my little list for those who may find it interesting:


Would love to know how much of this I actually use… Also what precious size our baby wears once she arrives! It’s all so exciting.

Next little pregnancy blog should HOPEFULLY be after baby is here so I can share our birth story with the world! (Providing it isn’t horrific! Lol)

Until then I’ll be here, getting kicked in the ribs and loving it.



3 thoughts on “Third Trimester Living. Weeks 27-35.

  1. Roxanne-Sasha says:

    I have about two-three more weeks left! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time lol. I have packed my bag and baby’s bag, but tbh I think I’ve over packed. My mum asked if I’m moving house lol >_< I just want to be prepared just in case. x


  2. Jessica says:

    In same boat!! I’m 36 weeks bag is packed and it’s the waiting game now! Found out through an emergency growth scan 3 weeks ago that I’m expecting a big baby so I’m not allowed to go over my due date. So max 4 weeks and baby will be here. Scared nervous but very exciting! All the best hun x


    • Roxanne-Sasha says:

      Aw you and baby will be fine 🙂 I’ve been told that my little angel has long legs lol! I have just started going through our hospital bags again because I think I have over packed. I know they say you don’t really bathe babies in the first few days/week, but I packed some Johnson’s baby first touch products. I also packed baby nail clippers because I’m convinced that my little person has long nails! Sometimes I feel as if I’m being scratched lol strange I know. I have a few more days left, I’m really excited now, but just praying that I finally get to meet my angel on my actual due date. Good luck to you x


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