I am superwoman.

My lack of blogging of late is a total representation of my life the last month or so! Can I even remember what I’ve been doing? Last month, my husband returned from a 2 week tour, we flew off to Spain for one of the most blissful weeks of my life, came home to celebrate my 24th birthday and suddenly life was back at 100mph and I was nowhere near ready to keep up, not to mention I am now deep in the third trimester, eek!

So I returned home feeling yes, well rested, but totally underprepared for the weeks ahead. Backstory: for those who don’t know, I’m living my personal dream of being a stay at home wifey *cue the “what do you even do all day?” questions* and I love taking pride in making sure my home is super organised, clean and yummy healthy dinners are cooked up daily. So imagine my horror when this third trimester came upon me and I realised I can’t keep up with my own demands anymore! I have a list of tasks to complete that are just making me cry by looking at them, and although I want so badly to be “one of those women” who absolutely bloom during pregnancy, floating around the flat like a cleaning fairy, chatting away to their bump, I just miss being able to put on my own shoes, you know? 

I can’t complain too much, this pregnancy has been super straight forward, no medical glitches, hardly any symptoms, but going from a size 10 to a size 14 in less than 6 months? Having a belly that is impossible to suck in because a human being is in there? Finding a comfortable position absolutely IMPOSSIBLE at night? No, this isn’t fun at all.

So one Saturday my husband convinced me to go for a walk with him, to explore our little neighbourhood and take random turns to get lost a little, I reluctantly agreed and we walked and talked and ended up at a beautiful bathroom, home wholesalers, selling all the wonderful things I would love to have one day, like ginormous showers you just stride on into. And whilst we walked around this store, our conversation about me trying to keep up drew to a conclusion; it’s okay to not be able to do everything. That is a bit of a shock for me. I love to be in control, organisation queen & on top of everything, but in this season, it seemed like I would just have to lay it all down and lower my expectations of myself. Yes- there are some amazing women, third trimester with toddlers, still juggling life’s demands and doing it with a smile on their face, but as much as I read their blogs and attempt to mimic what I see; it’s just not me, and that’s okay.

So now my life is a lot simpler & I’m relying on God’s grace to ease me through each day. My daily task list is pretty short; today I might do a load of laundry and tidy the front room. But I’ll stop there. And if I don’t feel up to doing it, I’ll just do the laundry. I refuse to feel less than, or lazy, or any negative thing because to all you people wondering what I am doing all day, I am brewing a precious baby in my belly. And that is a superwoman’s job all in itself.


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