Pregnant: Second Trimester – Weeks 15 – 23

IMG_9651Let me be honest with you. I have gained more weight than I would like to detail. It’s quite scary as I’ve never weighed this much in my life! It’s a shame that everyone comforts me by reminding me I’m carrying a baby, but I know the truth. I was eating way more than I should’ve and I’ve piled on the pounds! Eeek! My mum, who is a midwife btw, has just encouraged me to keep exercising and eating healthily, so that’s the plan. I have a midwife appointment in 2 weeks when I’ll be 25 weeks, and I’ve been a bit worried she may be horrified at my weight gain and refer me to some special people, I don’t know.

The hardest thing about it is that prior to being pregnant I was pretty small, I know I’ve written about this in another blog but my point is not even about being healthy, it’s just that I miss my old body! 😦 I’ve been told it’s a little sacrifice to make for my gorgeous baby, and once he/she is out, I really won’t care, but I care now. I feel like a bit of a whale and really heavy, and it just makes me feel so sorry for all the stick Kim Kardashian got when she was pregnant, poor lady.

In other news, we now know the baby’s gender which is super exciting! We were SO excited that day, aside from getting to see baby again which was amazing, knowing what we’re having is the BEST! We’re somehow managing to keep it a bit of a secret, but it’s lovely being able to buy gender specific clothes and narrow down our name choices. I’ve also found that it helps me bond with my bump, like there’s actually a real person inside there now! I started feeling little kicks around 20 weeks I think, and Aaron felt his first kick about a week ago which was lovely!

Symptoms wise, I’m doing pretty good. I don’t have cravings or anything, all my food aversions have gone and my energy is back! Having said that, I’m still needing around 12 hours sleep a night to function plus an afternoon nap, but I’m feeling strong!

Our flat is looking a lot more baby friendly; the crib is up in our room and I’ve been buying things here and there, vests, babygrows and nappies. I still can’t believe that in less than 4 months I’m going to be a Mummy and have my very own little baby to look after! Its unreal!

We’re off on holiday in about 3 weeks which will be lovely, our last baby free trip for a while. I’m really struggling finding a good maternity costume though, like I said before it’s a bit shocking how much weight I’ve gained in such little time, my old bikinis are all size 10 so it’s not fun trying on swimwear at all! So any pregnant ladies or mummas out there with good maternity swimsuit knowledge, please send it my way or I shall be in a t-shirt and shorts in the pool!

I’m aware I may sound quite superficial in this post, but I’m just keeping it real. Pregnancy of course is an amazing blessing and a miracle in itself, but I’d be lying if I said I was floating around glowing. Maybe next time hey?

Feel free to ask any Qs too, I’m loving being a pregnancy guru to all those who are less weeks than me haha!

J x


2 thoughts on “Pregnant: Second Trimester – Weeks 15 – 23

  1. Jessica says:

    Keep keeping it real hun! I was in floods of tears the other week about my increasing size. I totally understand that feeling – even though we know it’s partly because of the growing bubba it can be soooo difficult to adjust, I’ve always been slim like my whole life so I understand. I even found it hard having to go buy maternity jeans because I can’t wear any of my normal ones anymore lol. But I’m more settled about it all now.
    You’re lucky your food aversions have gone, I still can’t eat/smell a lot of things that I used to love! 😦 but I’ve definitely got a much better appetite than in the 1st trimester. Anyway all the best and keep being fabulous mama to be!


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