Pregnant: First Trimester – Weeks 8-14

IMG_9093I’ve been asked countless times how my pregnancy is, what its been like, whether i’ve been sick etc, so I thought it may be of interest to write it all down and share this experience. I’ll try and keep them up to date once I’ve backlogged. I’m also pretty sure this would be more interesting as a vlog, but that’s an idea I’ll be pondering on for a while.

Side note: I’m starting this at 8 weeks because as you may know from my last pregnancy blog it was only at that point I actually knew I was pregnant, however I’ll detail as many things as I can remember from even before then!

If you google pregnancy symptoms, you’ll find a tonne of things, most women tend to have the same symptoms and when asked about morning sickness and I reply saying “nope, wasn’t sick once!” I’m oftened envied as if I’ve had a plain sailing pregnancy. But as I mentioned in my last blog, one of the things I did experience was a real shift in mood, and I’m sure this was brought on by the craziness of pregnancy hormones. Most of my symptoms were associated with depression, I had a lack of motivation and desire for anything. Seriously, my mum even took me to Hobbycraft (my heaven on earth) in an attempt to cheer me up, offering to buy me something crafty and I wandered round hopelessly, unable to find anything I could even be bothered to fiddle with. Trust me, for me, that is serious.  As you can imagine, this put a lot of pressure on us as newlyweds, I was unable to do simple housey tasks, and work seemed unbearable and completely overwhelming. No, I couldn’t just snap out of it, it was a horrible, dark time & if I could class it as a symptom of pregnancy, I’d choose morning sickness over feeling like that any day!

Not long after finding out I was pregnant, a huge wave of nausea took over me, every single day. I’m pretty sure this must be worse than actually being sick; just constantly feeling like you need to be sick, it happened at the worst time too, my husband’s birthday and Christmas! So much good food I was missing out on. I was completely put off Costa Coffee, the thought of it alone made my stomach turn & any kind of vegetable or fish made me feel sick too so I began loading up on the carbs thinking oh its fine, I’m pregnant! (So regretting that now!)

Like most pregnant women, the toilet became my bestie, and I frequently had to roll out of bed three or four times a night which meant I hardly had a good night’s sleep, I’d also wake up super hungry, so had a little stash of biscuits I’d nibble on, half asleep in the middle of the night.

But the worst bit of all for me was the fatigue; I’ve never felt anything like it! Nobody warned me about this!!! For weeks I was taken over by a weird ache throughout my whole body, I could barely move! I would sleep for around 14 hours a night and still be tired and able to nap and then sleep again solidly later. Even walking around the house felt like a marathon, I was more or less bed bound, so I’m grateful I have a caring, hardworking husband who looked after me loads & proved to be a really good chef too!

Okay, I’ve made pregnancy sound awful! It gets better I promise. I just found the first trimester pretty difficult, especially waiting for a scan, it felt like the slowest days of my life and googling everything didn’t help at all. Everyone told me I would feel better and I didn’t believe them,  but now writing this at 21 weeks, with a baby brewing away, I really do. 🙂 That’s all for now, but I’ll be updating regularly, talking about scans, baby’s first kicks and anything else which I think may be of interest!

Au revoir! xo


2 thoughts on “Pregnant: First Trimester – Weeks 8-14

  1. Jessica says:

    HIYA! Don’t even know you but somehow stumbled upon your blog and love it! I’m in a similar boat. I’m 23 weeks with my first and hubz and I have been married for a year and a half. And we’re a Christian couple too! So yeah you have a new fan! Hope all is well with your pregnancy x


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