Organizing my favourite cupboard…without spending a penny.


One of the most exciting things about having my own place to live was this; my craft cupboard. I called dibs on this cupboard as soon as we moved in and threw in boxes of stuff; ribbons, card, paper, etc etc, it all just seemed to pile up uncontrollably so today I took on the task of sorting it out.

See left: My poor excuse of a craft cupboard. Pre-sort out. 

IMG_9496I began the way I usually do, by clearing everything out onto any surface area I can find (poor husband). Its one of those things where it’s got to get really bad before it gets good. I had so much stuff in here it was unbelievable, even a Christmas jumper which I’d attempted failed to make a stocking out of. Out it all went to be sorted out by the cleaning fairy.


Next I found the item which I had the most of, for me, that’s gift bags, oh yes, you may spot one of your gift bags in this box (either from you or for you). They’re just one of those things that it doesn’t make sense to throw away, plus most of them have pretty designs I’m sure I’ll cut up and use one day. They all got squished into this old shoe storage thingy from Ikea, to be neatly stored away until the next birthday.




Yep, amongst all that stuff was yet another box, this one filled with old wedding junk, cards I never used and random plastic bags. Once cleared and sorted, I decided I needed to make this look less cardboard-box-ey and more pretty I chopped off the edges, covered it in paper and an old sample invite (see why I never throw pretty paper away!) and labelled it “Cards, Envelopes, Paper and Card”… because, well, that’s obvious.


IMG_9533I rummaged around my flat and managed to find another cardbox box to pretty much do the same with. I (Aaron) cut it down a bit and covered it in more paper. This box was filled with countless rolls of tape, a jar of pretty ribbons and boring stationary stuff which I don’t think I’ll ever use but hey. I managed to find an old shoe box to create a slight ledge for this box to sit on, so it’d still be seen behind the other.


And voila! There ya have it, my beautifully organised, tidy craft cupboard. That little plant pot is filled with sewing things; not that I ever touch a needle, but one day I might? I can now actually see what I own and access it without having to create a tornado of paper and stickers.

1 cupboard down, about 10 to go! Ha.


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