My must-have for organising time in relationships = Busy B Couples Calendar with Dual Schedules & Storage Pockets

Busy B1

 I discovered this beauty about 6 months before my husband and I got married and I seriously don’t know what we did before it. (I do actually know, we double booked on a lot of days and struggled to squeeze dates in together!)

As I’ve mentioned before, one thing that shocked me most about marriage is the amount of time you have together, so far we’ve had to purposely set aside evenings otherwise the days really do just blur and before you know it, you’re 50 with six kids. Just kidding.  But seriously, when I stumbled upon this couples calendar by Busy B, it really did help us organise our time.

Aside from being super cute, it has four columns; Me, Us, You, Birthdays. (I’m really rubbish at filling in the birthdays one, but the others get a lot of usage)IMG_9373. I would recommend this product for anyone in a serious relationship; marriage, engaged, dating, its just really nice to see what the other is up to, and figure out days when you’re both free and able to mark the date with a heart sticker (lol). There’s also a pouch underneath each month to fill with invitations, appointment letters, or whatever bits and pieces you like, along with a sheet of stickers to have fun with.

With my husband being a guitarist- his schedule is often all over the place and using this really helped me prepare in advance for when he isn’t home, we also began to schedule Arsenal games on there too, after they kept sneaking up on me without notice. All in all, its an essential in our household, Its an organisation queen’s dream, and I look forward to upgrading to the family version in the future!

At a super cheap £8.20 (including delivery!) it’s definitely not too late in the year to add this item to your household.

Here’s the link for it, you can thank me later. 😉

Busy B 2015 Couples Calendar with Dual Schedules & Storage Pockets, Birds Design

Busy B


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